determine current density with DiLiCo

Characterization of materials, operating strategies and aging effects


Measure and analyze current density and temperature distribution. Evaluate operating strategies, aging effects and stack components by determining the distribution of current density and temperature over the active cell area.

Technical specifications

  • Measuring range up to 1.5 A and up to 120°C per segment
  • Up to 112 measuring segments
  • Measuring accuracy at 1,5A is ± 15,1 mA
  • RS232 or CAN connection
  • Temperature range up to 120°C
  • Sensor surface adaptable to your specifications
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By measuring current density and temperature distribution, the activity of the membrane can be analyzed and the design of bipolar plates, gaskets and other components evaluated. DiLiCo current density offers a valuable insight into the interior of the fuel cell and electrolyzer. Use the information to optimize the operation and characterization of your system. Depending on the membrane surface, the sensor layer, number of segments and distribution of the segments can be individually adjusted to your requirements in order to obtain optimal observation of the current density and temperature distribution.


  • Sensor layer
  • Evaluation electric
  • External power supply
  • Visualization software
  • Instructions


  • Manufacturer of fuel cells and electrolyzers
  • Manufacturer of stack components and bipolar plates
  • Test systems, systems in the field test and stationary energy supply
  • Research institutions

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