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Steadily rising energy costs, driven by CO2 pricing, which will continue to rise in the coming years, and the increased requirements for building energy supply by the legislator make the use of micro combined heat and power (CHP) units in residential buildings for heating attractive. But which heating system suits my property, protects the environment and also lets my costs fall in the long term? We would like to answer these questions for you. With a focus on the clean and forward-looking technology of the fuel cell, which makes use of combined heat and power (CHP). We tell you how the technology works and where you can best use it. In addition, we develop concepts for you to supply your building with electricity and heat in a future-proof way.

How does a fuel cell heating systems work?

A fuel cell heating system is currently powered by natural gas (this infrastructure is often available and can therefore be used). Hydrogen is extracted from this natural gas by steam reforming, waste gases are discharged and the hydrogen drives the fuel cell in the system. This generates electricity with the hydrogen and, as a by-product, heat which can be used in the building. Operation with pure hydrogen, without natural gas, is also possible, provided that sufficient hydrogen is available at the site.

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What services do we offer for the use of a fuel cell CHP?

The fuel cell technology is still relatively new for the use for power and heat supply in buildings. Therefore, we would like to advise and accompany you extensively on the way to your fuel cell heating system. Our goal is to find the optimal solution for your heat supply for you, while making a contribution to a sustainable environment. We specialize in the fuel cell heating system inhouse5000+, but also go beyond this to meet your individual wishes.

We offer the following services:

  • Energy efficiency consulting for your object
  • Support with the application for german KfW subsidies
  • Profitability assessment for your object as well as a cost consideration
  • Help in finding partners for the implementation of your project
  • Concept development and planning for individual solutions based on novel hydrogen technologies

In addition, the Team of DiLiCo engineering is at your disposal for all questions around the topic of hydrogen with its many years of experience from research and practice. Just contact us!

Why DiLiCo engineering?

The hydrogen technology topic is new. But not for DiLiCo. DiLiCo's team has been working in the field of fuel cells and hydrogen since 2008 and can thus draw on know-how of more than 12 years. Thereby the team knows the details of the technology from research and knows exactly how to handle difficulties in practical implementation. Due to many years of working in this industry on different levels, DiLiCo can rely on a broad network, which covers the whole of Germany and the entire value chain of the hydrogen industry. Trust in the know-how of DiLiCo engineering and let us advise you!

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