Cell voltage monitoring and fault identification


Measurement of cell voltages in fuel cells, electrolyzers and batteries for industry and research. Monitor cell by cell in your energy systems and identify unfavorable operating conditions early on.

Technical specifications

  • Measuring range from 0 to 4.5 V per cell
  • Up to 48/96 cell voltages per meter - any number of measurment systems can be cascaded via CAN
  • Measuring accuracy up to ± 0,1 mV
  • Data retrieval up to 10 per second
  • Interfaces: RS232 or CAN
  • External voltage supply
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DiLiCo cell voltage reliably measures the cell voltage of every single cell in the stack. The recorded measurement data are transmitted to your control system via an RS232 or CAN interface. The device has an external power supply (15 - 36 VDC) and a 50-pin D-Sub socket for connecting the cell voltage taps. The measuring system is suitable for all common energy converters and accumulators for cell voltages up to 4.5 V. Use DiLiCo cell voltage to detect faults and unfavorable operating conditions in good time, reducing or avoiding downtime and maintenance costs.


  • DiLiCo cell voltage in metal housing
  • Instructions
  • 15 VDC power supply for external power supply
  • (optional) Cable assembly for connecting the cells to the measuring device
  • (optional) Software for visualization and storage of measurement data


  • Manufacturer of fuel cells, electrolyzers and batteries
  • Test systems, systems in the field test and stationary energy supply
  • Research institutions

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