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  • Monitoring of overvoltage and undervoltage on each individual cell
  • Monitoring of the system and shutdown in the event of faults or damage to individual cells
  • Permanent monitoring of fuel cells and electrolysers
  • Analysis for the aging of cells in research and development

Technical data

Measuring channels: 48 or 96
Measuring range: 0 - 4.5 V
Measurement deviation:
(at T = 25 °C)
± 0.1 mV
Measuring interval: Up to 24 ms
Resolution: 16 bit
Relay output: Connection to safety chain
Leakage current at measurement input: ± 250 nA idle mode
± 2 µA measuring mode
Communication: RS232 or CAN
Cell connection: 50-pin D-Sub connector
Dimension in mm: (WxHxD) 130x165x40(60)

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DiLiCo cell voltage 48/96 measures fast and reliable the electrical voltage of each individual cell on fuel cells, batteries and during electrolysis. Furthermore, it additionally monitors the adjustable limits for undervoltage and overvoltage. The integrated floating contact can be used for customer-side control to protect the cell(s)from damage and the plant from failure when voltage limits are reached. The measurement interval of DiLiCo cell voltage 48/96 is up to 20 ms for 48 cells and for example up to 30 ms for 240 cells. The modules can be linked via a BUS system through the CAN interface to measure the cell voltages of stacks with more than 96 cells.

By DiLiCo cell voltage 48/96, you have the minimum load on the electrodes due to the low current consumption of ± 2 µA when measuring cell voltage. No energy drain when used on batteries. DiLiCo cell voltage 48/96 is suitable for all common energy converters and storage devices for cell voltages up to 4.5 V per cell. The measurement data is transmitted to the controller via an RS232 or CAN interface


DiLiCo cell voltage 48/96 features an external power supply (15 - 36 VDC) and a 50-pin D-sub female connector for connecting cell voltage taps. Use DiLiCo cell voltage 48/96 to detect faults and adverse operating conditions in a timely manner, avoiding failure and maintenance costs and increasing cell life. Ensure customer satisfaction by detecting faults in a timely manner and preventing cell failure.

Are you looking for an inexpensive and reliable cell voltage measurement for your series production? Then our DiLiCo cell voltage 36/72 measuring system is just right for you. Do you need other technical parameters and assistance in cell contacting or do you have further questions? Get in contact with us and benefit from our many years of experience!


  • DiLiCo cell voltage 48/96 in metal housing
  • Instruction manual
  • Power supply unit for external voltage supply
  • (optional) Cable assembly for connecting the cells to the measuring device
  • (optional) Software for visualization and storage of measurement data


  • Manufacturer of fuel cells, electrolyzers and batteries
  • Test systems/test rigs, field test facilities and stationary power supplies
  • Research Institutions

Why it makes sense to measure cell voltages in a fuel cell?

  • By a continuous cell voltage monitoring, the failure of a cell and thus also the failure of the system can be avoided.
  • The measurement of the cell voltage in continuous operation is cheaper than the time-consuming search for a defective cell and the costly maintenance.
  • The use of cell voltage monitoring can ensure the quality assurance of the cells during operation and identify systematic errors in cells.
  • Collected information by measuring cell voltages can be used to optimize operations management or the next generation of stacks.

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