Standardised single cell test stand for PEM electrolysers

Quick change of diaphragm, different pressure ranges possible
Philipp Kühne

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  • For PEM electrolysers
  • Quick change of membranes
  • Reliable testing of membranes
  • Reproducible laboratory conditions

Technical data

Membrane area: 25 cm2 (more on request)
Operating pressure of the cell: 0 up to 8 bar
Controllable power source: selectable up to 125 A or 250 A
Temperature control of the cell: 20 °C up to 80 °C
DI water preheating / conductivity measurement: up to 80 °C / yes
Pressure and temperature measurement: at all inputs and outputs
Cell voltage: 0 V up to 5 V
Gas drying: for H2 and O2
Compression force on active cell surface: adjustable by compressed air supply
Compressed air measurement for H2, O2 and DI water: yes
Customer-side connections: DI water, water drain, electrical connection, gas extraction, compressed air

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Performance specification

Insert the membrane, close the cell holder, start the software and begin the measurement.

The easy handling of DiLiCo single cell test system characterises the test stand for the analysis of PEM electrolysis membranes. The basis for the rapid membrane integration is the proven baltic quickCONNECTfixture system. With the help of compressed air, the compression force on the active cell surface can be variably adjusted, which is an important parameter for the operation of electrolysis membranes. The cell can be actively preheated or cooled before and during operation. The DI water supply has conductivity measurement and preheating for an optimal electrolysis process. The gases produced, hydrogen and oxygen, are dried, the flow rates measured and the proportions in the respective gas stream determined.

Test sequences, such as the time recording of current and voltage characteristics and other parameters, can be programmed in the software in a script and thus enable reproducible measurements to be carried out.

Scope of delivery

  • Test stand for PEM electrolysis membranes
  • Software for operation and analysis
  • (optional) DiLiCo CURR TEMP


  • Manufacturer of PEM electrolysis membranes
  • Research and development institutions

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