Plant project planning for hydrogen technologies

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Climate change is forcing our society to rethink. Many ideas, technologies and novel solutions have emerged from this rethinking. Unfortunately, change in such a complex world takes a long time. We need innovators instead of imitators to put our society and economy on the right course for the future. So let's become innovators together (whether corporate or individual) and show the rest how solutions for the future can be realized today. Hydrogen offers significant potential for achieving our climate goals. Let's exploit these potentials together.

Plant project planning for research and demonstration projects

In order to bring about change and a rethinking towards sustainable new technologies in society, the society must be picked up and convinced. In addition, research must show what is currently and in the future possible. Research and demonstration projects are being launched to make this happen.

Present the entire process of the impact chain and the key benefits of hydrogen technologies from electricity generation by renewable energy and its use for generation of hydrogen by electrolysers to storage of hydrogen as well as reconversion to electricity by fuel cells.

DiLiCo engineering can provide the following services for you in these projects:

  • Consulting and evaluation of your idea or objective
  • Project planning and concept creation
  • Selection and coordination of the required products and components
  • Partner selection for installation, maintenance and servicing
  • Accompaniment of the realization

Let us show together what is already possible with hydrogen today. We support you on this path with our know-how and our network.

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Demonstration project

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Christian Rinne

Building energy supply

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Christian Rinne

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Plant project planning for efficient building energy supply

The storage of electrical energy is a major challenge that plays an essential role in the process toward a climate-friendly energy supply. Hydrogen technologies make a significant contribution here. Through these technologies, we are able to harness unused renewable power generation capacity and store electricity to be used at a later date.

A PV system usually generates more electricity during the hours of sunshine than can be purchased by the consumer during this time. Thus, climate-friendly generation capacity remains unused and is replaced by electricity purchased from the power grid, which has a much worse carbon footprint. So why not take full advantage of the sunshine hours, storing the unused electrical energy in the form of hydrogen and making it usable in the months when the sun shines less long and strong?

This is already possible today! We can do the following services for you:

  • Energy consulting
  • Subsidy consulting
  • Planning, project planning and concept development
  • Component determination and manufacturer selection
  • Partner selection for installation, maintenance and servicing
  • Support of the realization

An initial consultation on energy renovation is funded by the federal government. We can advise you on possible funding. Contact us!

These solutions can be modularly designed and expanded and can therefore be used for many applications, including:

  • Multi-family houses
  • Commercial and industrial enterprises
  • Healthcare buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Office building
  • Logistics centers
  • and many more

We support you with all our experience in the entire process, from planning to realization.

DiLiCo engineering: The experienced partner for your hydrogen project

We have been working since 2014 as DiLiCo engineering with hydrogen technologies. Our founding members have been working in this field since 2008. We know the transition from research and development to product and especially through the experience from development we know exactly where the shoe can pinch, when it comes to realization. Use our many years of know-how in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells to demonstrate and concretely use future-oriented energy supply solutions with high quality.

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