Project references

Here you will find a selection of our previous projects.
Exterior view of the energy pavilion 1
Exterior view of the energy pavilion 2
Interior view with the H2-CHP system inhouse5000+ hydrogen
Interior view of the technical room with hot water tank

Energy pavilion to supply consumers in a hydrogen village

DiLiCo engineering worked for the customer as a general contractor and took on the following work on the construction of an energy pavilion as part of the HYPOS projects H2-Netz & H2-Home:

  • Planning and construction of the energy pavilions for the connection of a purely hydrogen-operated fuel cell thermal power station
  • Planning the hydrogen connection and the safety technology for the house installation
  • Colored exterior design
  • Installation of the ceiling heating and cooling system
  • Commissioning and TÜV acceptance of the safety functions
  • Coordination and supervision of all work

Carried out for the customer:

Energy Lab System
Fuel cell and electrolyzer test system Hybrid Energy Lab
Energy Lab Software
Control and data software for the Hybrid Energy Lab
Fuel Cell
1.2 kW fuel cell module in the Hybrid Energy Lab
Exterior view of the laboratory container

Fuel cell and electrolyser system in the laboratory container

DiLiCo engineering was commissioned to build a laboratory container as part of a project. The Hybrid Energy Lab from Heliocentris Academia International GmbH was used. The following work was carried out:

  • Design and delivery of a laboratory container for the use of an electrolysis fuel cell system
  • Identification and integration of the electrolysis fuel cell system
  • Electrical and procedural installation work
  • Integration of security technology and commissioning

Carried out for the customer:

Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation Magdeburg